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The expansion of the EU-approaches to providing the partner-countries higher education quality assurance Expanding Quality Assurance


European citizenship cross-border mobility ignites the need of the higher education harmonization claims in non-EU countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, etc.). The educational quality ideas based on international management standards. But institutions are to face many difficulties about the targeted ISO deployment in higher education without proper indicators system focused on the customer and other parties concerned.


The General objective of the Project is the EU educational quality model adaptation at national level and gathering the positive utility practices of that model’s dissemination and educational quality assurance.
The following activities to be done during this project:

- Research of quality model CQAF appreciation in the partner countries;
- The exploitation concept CQAF quality model elaboration in the partner countries
- Resource and promotional materials elaboration;
- Training the tutors in the CQAF model recipient-countries universities;
- Higher education quality model Guide elaboration and discussion on the national level;
- CQAF model exploitation processes support and monitoring in the recipient-countries;
- Additional research of the CQAF quality model appreciation in the partner countries and deliverables according to Quality Management principles.



The main outcomes of the project will be:

- The higher education quality assurance QM&CQAF model adapted for national peculiarities and approved in terms of partner countries’ universities;
- Networks participants being motivated and trained for QM&CQAF model distribution in other countries;
- Full QM&CQAF model guide containing its description, application methodology, adaptation recommendations, outcomes indicators of model’s deployment efficiency.



The main project achievement indicators will be:

- The Model being adequate to objectives and activities of the project, including conception, processing description and application methodology;
- The national levels HEIs coverage.



The scoring project indicators will be:

- The guidance materials about model conception adaptation, application and dissemination localized for project partner countries;
- Tutors, teachers and specialists training localized programs;
- The amount of trainings being held;
- The amount of university tutors, teachers and specialists being trained for QM&CQAF model application and dissemination;
- QM&CQAF model expert assessments;
- QM&CQAF model internal auditing results;
- The amount of QM&CQAF model presentations for educational process participants;
- The amount national universities that ready to embrace QM&CQAF model.

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